Before Arsenal Lost their first EPL Match of the Season

With back to back wins and last season’s turn around which started around February 2015, Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team haven’t looked back except through their rear view mirror as they leave opponents in their wake. From beating Liverpool 4-1, Newcastle 2-1, West ham 3-1, QPR 2-1, Everton 2-0, Chrystal Palace 2-1 etc.

PETR CECH: What The Hell Was Wenger Thinking?

What the HELL was Arsene Wenger thinking by paying a whooping €11m and £100,000 weekly for Peter Cech? What’s the Rationale behind that move Prof? That is the question many people are asking and maybe you reading this. With a bit of research I was able to glean more insight into Arsene Wenger’s thought process. Peter […]

ARSENAL: What Does It Cost You to Believe?

“For many, seeing is BELIEVING. For me, BELIEVING is seeing” – The Catalyst Now the world is seeing and celebrating what I have been saying with my Arsenal and Arsene Wenger posts for months. With Arsenal’s recent performances, fans and critics alike are suddenly believing in Wenger and the Arsenal Team.Just this past month of […]

ARSENE WENGER: Not a Fairy Tale

Not everyone is smiling at Arsenal now, especially devoted Arsenal FC fans across the globe. Wenger and his boys were knocked out of the Champions League competition last night after what can be termed a good game by the lads. For the Economist (Wenger) and Arsenal, in the business side of things, the chance of […]

ARSÉNE WENGER: Emotional Intelligence for Becoming a Great Manager

Arsenal has been one of the most amazing ‘statues in the museum’ of football sport. Its incredible manager, Arséne Wenger has majestically placed it there for Football lovers and sport analysts. For Arsenal and its incredible manager Wenger, they go beyond the sport. Arsenal has been scaling through what can be called ‘depression’ in real […]

ARSENAL: Ozil, The Uncelebrated Achiever

In football, your rating as regards “Jersey Selling” determines your Value to fans on and off the Soccer Pitch. Here are the Top 10 Selling Jerseys in the World 1) Cristiana Ronaldo #7 2) Messi #10 3) Mesut Ozil #11 4) Van Persie #20 5) Rooney #10 6) Zlatan Ibrahimovic #10 7) Neymar #11 8) […]