Like the Jews, Can Africa Turn Slavery Around?

I learn a lot from watching series and movies and so when I heard about “When They See Us”, I quickly threw myself into it and wow, nothing prepared me for the depth of emotions that hit me every step of the way as I watched the true-life story. As I watched the series again […]

It’s Time to Break Free From Your Pseudo-Identity.

Still on the concept of stolen identities and Africa’s reawakening. Africa has lost her authentic IDENTITY and have been given a pseudo identity, just like Theon Greyjoy lost his authentic identity in Game of Thrones and was given a pseudo identity and a different name Reek, by his new captor and master. Once Theon lost […]

How Can Africa Regain Her Identity?

THE FUTURE OF AFRICA LIES IN OUR IDENTITY, UNION AND UNITY The Future of Nigeria and Africa at large is in the hands of ALL of us at home and away, especially our youth who are the key to our transformation. For Africa to rise, we must: Believe in ourselves Regain our sense of IDENTITY and UNITY […]

IDENTITY – Are Africans Still Held Captive?

Before I start, I will like to stress that IDENTITY alone without the complement of other critical life principles can be an all-consuming fire. We saw it play out in Season 8, when Daenerys went mad with her dragon and destroyed King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros’, the seat of the Iron Throne and […]

Day 3 – IDENTITY: Have we lost ours as Africans?

In Game of Thrones, their IDENTITY was their right to EXIST. They were proud about who they were, hence, they announced and introduced themselves with a sense of PRIDE and it drove them and their daily actions. This was exhibited by the houses, their sigils (badges) and motto. Examples of the main houses, their sigils […]