Day 10 – The Law of Positive Thoughts and Words

Day 10 – 10th September, 2017 Principle 10- The Law of Positive Thoughts and Words.   Think and Speak Positively in line with your Dream, Goal, Vision, Mission and Purpose Always. Encourage yourself with positive thoughts and words to succeed. Thinking is a combination of words, mental images, emotions and sensations. Your subconscious mind that controls over […]

11 Quick Tips to Improve Your Self Worth & Self Esteem

Some days back, I shared the first set of my quick tips to developing a healthy self worth and self esteem, read them here if you haven’t done so. Today, I will share  more tips and I hope that they help you. More tips for a healthy self worth and self esteem  12. Always have […]


IN MY HEAD at 4:42am, 5th NOVEMBER I have the rare privilege of waking up approximately 30,000 feet above the sea level in an airplane flying over Johannesburg I’m closer to heaven than I normally am every other morningToday has to be special !!! As I wake up and open my eyes I see the sun rise […]