The Law of Effective Communication

Effective Communication is key. What you say to yourself and others; what others say to themselves and you; What you both understand about what you’re communicating is the key to great rapport. This determines whether you have a great personal or business relationship.    The evidence that you have communicated effectively is measured by the response […]

Willingness Without Action is Nothing

The Principle of Action   This refers to the ability to take consistent attendant action in line with the actualization of your vision and goal.   Here is where a lot of people fail:    They don’t generate enough action options towards achieving their vision or goals.   They don’t run enough scenarios for actions […]

The Principle of Wealth Creation, Growth & Sustenance

Money is a reward for smart work, i.e solutions provided to problems over time. Money responds to value What value do you create? What problem do you solve? You must also be able to answer these questions: What do you work for ?  Why do you do what you do? Who do you work for? Understand the Psychology […]

DAY 50 – Relieve Your Stress and Overcome Your Anxiety

Day 50 :  23 -10-2017 Principle 36 : Master your Health, Wellness & Well-being – Eliminate STRESS Stress and anxiety show up in the body physically in a number of ways such as muscle tension or pain, headache, pounding heart, nausea etc. With some of your exercises, you can make huge impact physiologically, which directly impacts […]

DAY 48 – Master your Health, Wellness & Well-being – Eliminate STRESS  

Principle 36 – Master your Health, Wellness & Wellbeing – Eliminate STRESS   Health is Wealth. “95% of Disease is Caused by STRESS and 100% of STRESS is caused by a Wrong Belief” – Dr Bruce Lipton PhD   “80-90% of health challenges are preventable and accounts for approximately 90% of healthcare costs, on individuals, organizations and nations, while about 95% […]

DAY 47 : The Principle of VICTORY (Winning and Reward)

Day 47 – 17th October, 2017 Principle 35 –  The Principle of Victory  (Winning and Reward)   Do you have the Spirit and Mind Set of Victory? Do you see yourself always as a Victor or Victim? Do you know that you’re already a winner and victorious?    You won all the other 100million sperms cells to […]