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According to Dr Wayne Dyer;

To be SUCCESSFUL you MUST Give up your Personal History.

If you don’t have a story you don’t have to live up to it

History and experiences from the past often binds us to it

Other times we allow ourselves to be held back by our history.

“Give up your personal history; Live for the Moment”

Embrace your past ‘only’ to the extent that you,
learn from it but you MUST then toss it.
Merge into the now and give up your attachment to the past.
Let it go Even if it hurts; TO SUCCEED you MUST do This.

Some people have had better yesterdays.
These people are not SUCCESSFUL, SUCCEEDING but they only SUCCEEDED.

SUCCESS Happens in the PRESENT not in the past.

The Secret Of SUCCESS is to Always have a better Today than Yesterday.

To SUCCEED you Must know that:

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind and at the same level of thinking that created it.

SUCCESS Demands a Regular Change of your mind –
What the Bible Calls “Renewing the Mind”.

Rewrite your agreement with Reality; Agree that you were wrong if its not working.

Change your Thoughts, Perceptions, Beliefs and Decisions (Your Strategy).

IF it didn’t work let it go and change your Strategy.
Do it Differently.

For example If your relationship isn’t working !!

Ask yourself:

What am I thinking about this person?                                       
What are my perceptions about this relationship?

What are my beliefs about us?
What decisions known or unknown have I made about our relationship?

Change these and your experience immediately changes

The Secret of SUCCESSFUL Relationships is to Focus on the
 Things that Work and the things you Love about your Spouse.

To SUCCEED; Treat Yourself as if you already are:

What is that Picture of Yourself that you See?

Who would you like to Become;
What do you Deserve to Have;
What do you Desire in your Life.

See Yourself as if you’re already that Person- Activate the Power of Visualisation.

Call yourself that Person.
Relate with yourself just as you would relate with that Person
Carry yourself just the same way.

Then Others will Follow.

Your Perception of Yourself is Your Current Reality.

Self Belief, Self Vision and Self Confidence Leads to Self Actualization.


True SUCCESS requires that you know you are Divine.

You are a Spirit being not a mere human being.

You are actually much more than meets the naked eye.

Treasure and Embrace your Divinity.

Know that you are a Divine Creation and Connected to the Almighty God.

He is Afterall the ULTIMATE SUCCESS.

Why do we reject our own thoughts and genius?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure”
~Marianne Williamson

“We are created in His God’s Image and after His Likeness.  To. Have Dominion over Everything”
~Gen 1: 26

“If He called them gods unto who the word of God came (and the scriptures cannot be broken)
~John 10: 35

“I said. ‘You are gods’; you are all sons of the Most High. But you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler”
~Ps 82:  6-7

To Be Truly SUCCESSFUL you MUST Accept and Embrace your Divinity.


To SUCCEED you Need Wisdom.

Wisdom is what many in the Corporate World Call Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence

“Wisdom is Profitable for ALL things; Get it at ALL Cost”

You are Deemed Wise When you can consistently Avoid ALL Thoughts that weaken and limit you BUT Operate with Thoughts that Strengthen and Empower you.

Convert your negative, disempowering, limiting Thoughts into Positive, Empowering ones.

Encourage only Love, Divine and Graceful Thoughts.

What you expect and think about is what will manifest in your life and what you will daily experience.

The entire experience of our life is to teach us Faith in Ourselves and Secure our Connection with our Divinity and to the Almighty.

Our Thought is the MOST POWERFUL FORCE we have.

Things show up in your life just because you Think of them.

“As a man Thinketh in his heart so is he”

So How can I practically use my Thought to SUCCEED?

1) Have ‘ONLY’ SUCCESS Thoughts – Use the R.E.P.L.A.N.T
 Filter to Sieve Every Thought you have; Especially Through Every Feeling you get.
2) Believe in your SUCCESS Thoughts
3) Stay Focused on your SUCCESS Thoughts
4) Act on your SUCCESS Thoughts
5) Expect Everything and Everyone to Work in Line with your SUCCESS Thoughts
6) Expect the Manifestation of your SUCCESS Thoughts in Reality


“The Catalyst”