Never happens
Happens but rarely
Happens occasionally
Happens frequently
Happens always

1. Frequent/sudden emotional outbursts…..Score =
You find yourself frequently/suddenly angry, irritated and lashing out at the people around you, your family, friends & Or colleagues without a real cause.

2. Overwhelming feelings…..Score =
You feel overwhelmed with the little things in your home/work life like your usual routines of relating with family/friends, listening, reading, writing, domestic chores, or hobbies, etc. and feel like getting away from them all.

3. Exhaustion…..Score =
You get very tired easily, or get tired but find it difficult to sleep and you stay awake, creating lack of strength, or you’re beginning to feel weak in your legs & light-headed while standing for a duration you are used to.

4. Sudden appetite change…..Score =
You experience a sudden change in your appetite for food, drink, sex, &/or power e.g. Inability to eat, eating impulsively, uncontrollable crave for sugar/alcohol/coffee/smoking, frequent change in sexual drive (fluctuating libido) or unexplainable craze for control, power and respect.

5. Loss of sense of purpose/values…..Score =
You have lost interest in things that you formally hold dear like personal principles, religious fellowships, fitness control, community service,  self development or you now notice a pattern of reckless spending and unexplainable debt that keeps recurring in your life.

6. Too frequent Colds/infections/illness…..Score =
You catch every single cold or flu bug that comes around and just can’t seem to get over them as quickly as you used to or you’re starting to feel like you are constantly ill, with body aches and pains and all.

7. Waning mental strength…..Score =
You find it much harder to concentrate than before or to gain clarity of mind on issues or You now give up on tasks easily or Your memory seems to be going and you are frequently starting to do something and then forgetting what it was you were doing.

8. Mood Swings…..Score =
Your mood (state of mind) suddenly changes from happy or motivated to sad,Irritation, frustration, anger, tears, worry or doubt, fear all at the drop of a hat with no apparent cause.

9. Social apathy…..Score =
You no longer care as much about your appearance or your environment as you once did and you don’t bother about brushing your teeth/touching your hair/ironing your clothes etc more often than not or you don’t want to open posts/mails/messages on your phone or your usual social media platforms and groups. Connecting with friends and peer group/facebook/twitter/whatsapp now become boring, or chatting or talking with friends is becoming less appealing.

10. Time pressure…..Score =
You now feel as if someone has removed twelve hours from your day and you struggle to keep up unlike before or You find it difficult to track how you spend your time.


Scores 0-20:  HYPOSTRESS
This sounds like you’re living an overtly chilled out lifestyle that could turn unproductive & unhealthy.

Scores 21-50:  EUSTRESS
You’re on point! Ensure you stay here and in charge of your mindset and lifestyle.

Scores 51-80:  HYPERSTRESS
Take time-out to master your lifestyle response to stress before it masters you and becomes too serious a problem.

Scores 81-100:  DISTRESS
Now, this is a real risk for burn-out and organ failure.