1) Fulfill any personal request that your late partner had and achieve plans you had together.
2) Understand that Healing takes time, so it may take some time before you begin to feel normal again.
3) Ignore those who try to school you in the art of grieving, insinuating that you are not grieving properly or even long enough.
4) Know that you are a product of your choices. There is a time for everything, a time to cry and a time face your new life
5) Eliminate the fear and guilt of forgetting your spouse.
6) Remind yourself about your dreams, your goals and those things you never had time to do for various reasons.
7) Begin to do those things you have always wanted to do. Now is the time to do it’

8) Patience is a Virtue. Be Patient with yourself, because your moods, state of being may fluctuate from time to time, the key is to record the progress you are making, even if these changes and progress is slow.
9) Re-Channel your energy; attention; affection and love on loved ones and do a good deed. Volunteer for a charity, adopt a child or touch a life in a special way that makes you and other people proud.
10) Volunteer your time to a cause or something that you feel strongly about. Helping others can have a wonderful effect on ourselves