I got this very powerful piece from Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) alumna and Healthy Living Coach, Lola Udabor and I thought to share and expound on it as it’s in line with our series.

According to her, seeing #TheLionKing movie wasn’t exactly new to her, considering that it’s almost an exact replica of the Lion King cartoon. One thing, however, stood out as a lesson – IDENTITY!

Simba was the heir apparent, he had been told but he was a little cub. His uncle Scar understood what this meant and made sure he got rid of Simba by killing Mufasa and blaming Simba for this. Simba fled and got lost.

He met Timon & Pumbaa who were quite entertaining but also distractions. Simba’s association with them changed him from being a strong lion to a meek/docile bug-eating animal. Simba felt it was easier to bury his past and to live in the Hakuna Matata state, a life with no worries. 

SIMBA temporarily lost His IDENTITY – Be Careful Who you associate with! His encounter with Rafiki was the game-changer. This was thanks to his encounter with Nala who wanted him to return home and fight for his family and home. After leading Simba to the pool, Rafiki asked “WHO ARE YOU?” and Simba repeatedly responded saying he was nobody. 

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Rafiki responded that ‘everybody is somebody’ and tells Simba to look into the pool – the reflection Simba sees is that of Mufasa. At this point, Simba realizes who he is, he was able to speak to Mufasa. This single conversation sparked a reawakening, an awareness of who he was. He returned to the Pride Lands with Nala, Pumbaa & Timon.


Owning his identity was short-lived as Scar tried convincing Simba that he was a murderer, the one who killed his father Mufasa.

Simba after much deep reflection suddenly remembered the event, and realized what really happened, and none was his fault. Simba in that moment came to the realization of WHAT HE IS – Simba, the son of Mufasa, the King of the Pride Lands.

Nala and Simba

Understanding WHAT YOU ARE – your true IDENTITY – OWNing, NURTURing and BEing it DAILY becomes very CRITICAL as we will pass this on to our children. If we are NOBODY, we will raise NOBODIES as children.

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PS: Go watch The Lion King this weekend with your Children and use it as a perfect opportunity to teach them the Power of IDENTITY.

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