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Regular Sex-ercise changes your experience in the midst of stress

According to Productivity Coach Remi Dairo

Sex-ercise Helps your PRODUCTIVITY at Work:

Part 3:

Yes, sex (making love) can change your productivity levels!

In my personal research I discovered that sex is one of the challenges families face today.

Some think, if I run away from sex I will be more productive; The good news is that your sex life can change your productivity level!

Hereunder are 3 ways sex can turn around your productivity:

1. It increases workplace productivity: Experts say that a good night of sex can result to a good and happier day at work the following day!
Researchers reveal that during sex the “Serotonin” hormone that enables man think better and faster is released.
This hormone improves impulses sent to the brain and as a result increases productivity at work.
After sex, intimacy is felt and partners feel more loved and desirable; This boosts their Self esteem, confidence and belief, unknowingly giving them the ability to face the following day’s work vigorously.

2. Sex reduces “workplace stress”: Many times when there is stress at work, productivity reduces people become sluggish, weary and tired.
Sex produces the “Endorphin” hormone which produces happiness that relaxes and relieves us from all stress! (researched) Sex is a stress relief pill that can never be found in any drug store!

Good sex makes women even look more youthful and attractive with energy to perform better at work making them more cheerful and less grumpy/bitchy!

3. Sex heals the body to perform better: Sex protects, revitalises, and heals the body from accumulated emotional toxins that can hinder productivity.
During sex the heart beats faster and blood pumps faster, more oxygen gets into our cells;During this process many toxins are flushed out of the body system (Through Sweat).
Experts say that Great sex between intimate married couples can reduce the chances of cancer cells in the body!

Sex outside marriage can create serious problems, “heart and head-aches” that can ultimately affect your productivity negatively.


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