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Regular Sex-ercise changes your experience in the midst of stress

More on Sex-ercise for Great Health.

Part 1:

4) Sex for Prostrate Cancel Elimination

Research shows that men in their 20s who had sex regularly I.e more than 5 or more Ejaculations a week were less likely to have prostrate cancer

Because the likelihood of fluid build up in the organ is highly reduced.

5) Sex for Stress Relief

During Good Sex the Brain Releases a Bio chemical called Endorphin.
Endorphin creates an Europhic feeling that Counters / Relieves Stress and Reduces pain.

6) Sex for Lower Cholesterol and reduction of High blood Pressure

Endorphins released during sex also lowers your blood Pressure.
Endorphin also lowers your level of Cholesterol in your blood.

7) Sex for Pain Relief

Endorphins also work well for Pain relief.
A Hormone called Oxytocin is also released in your Body during Good Sex and this alleviates arthritis, menstrual pain and migraines.

8) Sex for Insomnia.

Sex makes you feel relaxed especially after Orgasm.
Oxytocin in the body helps you sleep deeper and better.
When you wake up after a good session of sex, you actually Feel Rejuvenated.

Wives Please Note:

You’re slowly killing your husbands and yourself when you deprive yourselves of sex.


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