Gd Morn,

3 out of 4 of YOU reading this message will Almost Never Succeed at Achieving your New Year Resolutions/Goals by the end of the year.


Many of You:

1) Set Goals because you’re unhappy with where you are. So your New Resolutions/Goals are about what you don’t want.

2) Don’t Really know why you want what you want or why you want to do what you want to do in 2013. I.e The Real Need Behind your New Year Resolution.

3) Set Goals that are not within your control to achieve.

4) Set Goals without Specific Timelines.

5) Set Goals that Conflict and Don’t Align with your Governing Values and Core Beliefs.

6) Don’t set “Holistic Theme-Based” Resolutions; Covering the 12 Fundamental areas of your life. You set Goals in an Area that Disrupts another Area of your Life; Hence you Sabotage Yourself.

7) Think you have failed and Speak against the Actualization of your Goals, after you face Challenges/Barriers . Because you often don’t Consider your Reality while Setting the Goal.

8) Don’t Understand the Science of Setting and Achieving Powerful Goals.

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