Gd Morn,

The Sacrifice of 1,000 calves on God’s alter must have taken Solomon and the high Priests a minimum of 5-7 days if they committed at least 24hrs to this activity.

Understand that the Kind of Next Level Wealth and Riches we are talking about will require your Commitment and Preparation.

He who Cannot See it in his Imagination, Mentally and Physically Prepare for it and is Ready to pay the price I.e Sacrifice, will not Experience it.

Hereunder is Just one aspect of King Solomon’s Wealth(Gold) according to 1 Kings 9:14,28; 1 Kings 10:10-29 by today’s measure is approximately valued at:

The current price of gold is $38,922 per kg or per 2.2 pounds.

Solomon seemed to have gotten 240 + 400 = 640 talents of gold in gifts, or 48,000 pounds of gold, that today would be worth $849,207,202.

He also received 666 talents of gold in income every year * 40 years of being king = $35, 348, 252, 727

David his father left him about $25 billion worth of gold to build the temple, among other things (1 Chron. 22:14).

May you pay the required Sacrifice and have an ENCOUNTER With the ALMIGHTY GOD who owns the Silver and Gold.

May your Life Change Forever as you Fellowship and Experience God Today in a Special Way


“The Catalyst”