Gd morn,

Out of the deep convictions and abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

“You say as you see and you see as you say”

“How you relate with and treat others is a True Reflection of Your Relationship with Yourself;
Your Environment is Simply Your Mirror”.

“Your thoughts and utterances about others reveal your secret true opinion about yourself; Listen to; Catch Yourself and Make Necessary Adjustments”.

“Your feelings towards others and things is directly proportional to your interpretation of your relationship with your environment”

“As you are ‘Within’ so you Manifest ‘Without'”

“As a Man thinketh in his heart so is he”


The Ruler of your Kingdom
The Captain of Your Ship
The Commander of Your Own World
The Creator of Your Own Experiences
The Pilot of your Air plane
The Driver towards Your Destiny
The Master of Your Fate

For the Just SHALL Live by His own Faith


“The Catalyst”