Today, we discuss Principle No 5 from the scissors – Synergy. Synergy is the key to the effectiveness of a pair of scissors – the two parts must come together and work together before anything can be cut. Without this synergy no cut will happen.

No matter how sharp and beautiful each part is, to maximize their potential, they have to be joined together. During the purpose of their joining it’s important that they are equals(s) if not, they won’t function optimally. They work and walk best side by side not front to back. Men must understand that their wives are equals with them even though they’re required to submit to the Lord through them in the marriage.  For smooth and perfect cuts, the two parts must become ONE.

According to the Amos 3:3 – “Can two walk together except they agree?”

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave, be joined to his wife and they two shall become one” – Gen 2:24

Are you truly equals? Are you truly one? Have you truly left your father and mother and their values and beliefs (culture) behind and together formed and aligned your own values and beliefs (culture)? Or are you still living your father’s  or mother’s dreams?

Are you daddy and mummy’s puppets or are you your own people? Are you living your own dreams? Are you fulfilling your own vision and mission which you jointly developed? Do your vision, mission, values and beliefs  align?

Synergy is the positive energy of any family.  Stop this ‘ME SYNDROME” This nonsense of, my money, my car, my own, my house, my thing, me, mine ! This “me” mentality will create separation psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and then physically in that order and before you know it you’re one of the statistics of 7 in 10 marriages ending up separated in Nigeria.

The ‘me syndromes’ will sap away the positive energy of your marriage and introduce the negative selfishness energy. Synergize your resources, connection, visions, values, beliefs as couples so as to continually inject positive energy into your marriage and relationship.
‘I-ness’ is the root of ‘ill-ness’ in relationships and marriages.
‘WE-ness’ is the root of ‘WE-llness and WE-llbeing’ in every marriage and relationship.
My prayer is that you will become ‘SCISSORS COUPLES’.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola