After taking The Catalyst Self Esteem Quick Test (Take it HERE if you haven’t taken it yet) and seeing your scores, the next step is to start with these quick tips and immediately work on developing yourself. Remember, the level of your Energy, Self Worth, Self Esteem and Confidence determines your level of motivation and consistency towards achieving your overall goals, aspirations and general success in life. Today, I will  share 11 out of my 22 quick tips to improve your Self Worth & Self Esteem.

1. Be realistic in your choices and take it one at a time; see each success as a step in the right direction. Small changes add up.
2. Enjoy yourself. Put effort into making life pleasurable and satisfying.
3. Learn something new, it might be something you have always wanted to know, or even something you never thought you could do.
4. Eat regularly and healthy, if you need to go on a diet do so but let it be your choice
5. Exercise regularly; fitness and well toned muscles can give confidence and help you feel good about your body and yourself.
6. Pay attention to your poise, how you stand, sit and walk.
7. Think tall and stand tall with your chin constantly high up.
8. Pay more attention to your appearance and looks. Dress well, pamper yourself; go shopping.
9. Choose a new hairstyle, clothing, styles and colors that suit and complement your body shape, scale and personality.
10. Buy magazines, books or go for seminars that give advice on personal presentation.
11. Do something you particularly enjoy but don’t often get round to.

Tomorrow, we will share 11 more of my 22 Quick Tips on how you can personally develop your own Self Worth &  Self Esteem. If according to your test score, your self esteem  is low, do see a certified coach or therapist to start work with you immediately. You can also email us: or call 08077077000 to book a session with me or one of our coaches. Give yourself the permission to succeed.