Gd morn,

Today I begin a series on the 10 Principles for Success and Inner Peace by Dr Wayne Dyer.

To Succeed you MUST Have A Burning Desire; This is beyond an ordinary desire.

Its an inner candle flame that can’t be put out.

This burning Desire is Hid in the Spirit of man which is the Candle of the Almighty.

Principle 1)

Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

Don’t close your mind because as you do you close off the genius that lives within you.

Open up your Mind to the TRUTH and BELIEF that EVERTHING is POSSIBLE; Nothing is Impossible.

Offence is everywhere: An open mind NEVER looks out for offence or being offended by anyone and things people do.

Understand that New Views are not Really New: There is Nothing New under the Sun Everything is Recycled.

Express yourself in Every Way that would bring you PEACE.

Be Interdependently Detached. Know that Nothing or No one makes you Happy.

Happiness only comes from within.


“The Catalyst”