Gd morn,

Principle 2)
You can’t give away what you don’t have.

You can’t give love, oranges etc if you don’t have it.

If what you have is fear, envy, lust, anger that’s what you will give

According to the Law of Attraction: You get back what you give – The Universe gives you what you give.

As you are within so you experience without.

If the message you put out there is give me, give me, give me the response you get will be give me, give me, and you will find yourself never really having.

Instead Ask how may I serve – what can I Give?

You get this response – How may I serve you – what can I Give you?

Shift from the Mode; What’s in this for me – Self focus; To what can I give. – Selflessness

How much Peace, Kindness, Love do you have in you to Give ?

That’s the amount of Peace, Kindness, Love you Deserve to Receive.

Your Level of Generosity determines the Level of Generosity towards you.

Whatsoever you Sow Determines your Harvest.


“The Catalyst”