Our God is a Simple God,Prayer is simply communicating with God and God communicating back to us. Many however, have turned prayer into a grand performance.Do you know that a simple heartfelt, prayer of faith always gets God’s attention?

Unfortunately, we often overlook this and turn our prayers into big performances and speeches which deliver no results.Who are we trying to impress with our physical demonstration, eloquence and vocabulary? God can’t be impressed, He created everything Afterall.

Many also rant for hours unend without stopping to listen out for God to speak back to them.Prayer should be a dialogue between child and father.God wants to Inform, instruct and Direct you. He wants you to grow in Wisdom and Faith and all these only come by hearing; so who are you hearing all throughout your prayer session?

Many always have a shopping list of what they want from God they have never asked what God wants from them…Great Relationships are built on meeting each other’s needs.

1. Building a Great Relationship with God should be your utmost priority and the primary focus of your prayer sessions not what you can get from God

2. God needs you here on earth, that’s why He created you.

3. Seek His face for why you’re here and what He wants from you

As you do this daily:

A. You will become closer to God and He closer to you

B. You will know His voice as He speaks more to you

Unfortunately, Many after long hours of prayer contradict and nullify their prayers with their thoughts, imaginations, conversations, confessions, feelings and actions. Those long prayer hours are wasted and most times they are not necessary

What is most important:
1.Create Alignment with your prayer: by living a prayerful life through thinking right, powerful imagination, positive emotions and feelings, right actions.

2. Having the right conversations and speaking positive always in line with your prayer in spite of your situation

My Prayer For You:

May the Grace of God Free you from trying to impress God.

May you become like a child who’s heart is closely knit with his father such that as you daily dialogue with God, everything that you seek and more will be delivered to you in Jesus name

May your conduct after your prayer session be followed by a lifestyle of prayer where you think, imagine, speak, feel and act positively in line with what you believe God has already done for you in Jesus name Amen

This is your Catalyst, Lanre Olusola. Have a God filled sunday.