Over the past few days, I have been talking about Habits on “Wisdom Nuggets For Today” that I share on my social media platforms and many have requested for quick practical  steps to stopping a HABIT.

“HABITS can’t be easily stopped; They can be easily Replaced with another HABIT”
– The Catalyst

“Many people pray for their bad HABITS to go away; Wrong Tool for wrong problem; Fancy trying to use a screw driver or plier to remove a bad tooth”- The Catalyst

The tooth will be destroyed

You will be in pain

The tooth or remnants of it may remain

Let your prayer focus be “Lord give me the strength to follow through with this new replacement HABIT”habits wordle

So understand that a HABIT is a:

Response to a perceived need
Response to something within your environment
Learned coping mechanism
Learned behavior

HABITS Give you pleasure . HABITS Do something for you I.e  They have benefits if not you won’t have continued doing it. YES, EVEN THE SO CALLED BAD HABITS! So why do you want to stop this so called bad HABIT ?

This Reason must be more Compelling than the consequences of continuing the bad HABIT. What will you replace this  bad HABIT with?
Does that replacement give you equal or better pleasure that that so called bad HABIT?


DECIDE that it’s TIME to change the HABIT


Nobody else enjoys the benefits with you, so it’s your choice to continue doing this thing or not

Identify the replacement and commit to doing the new HABIT EVERYDAY

Affirm that this new HABIT gives you better or equal pleasure and benefits

Say this Affirmation With Me

My HABITS are easily Replaceable with other HABIT
I pray for the wisdom and strength to identify replacement HABITS and follow through with them
My New HABITS Give you greater pleasure and benefits
I take personal responsibility today and everyday
I am Free



The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola.