Gd Morn,

“There are Different POWER Ratings”

“Your POWER Rating Depends on Who You are and Your LEVEL of Connection”

So who are You; Who are You Connected to ?

You are the “CHILD” of the GRAND MASTER of the Universe. The Creator of Everything Visible and Invisible.

You are the ‘Apple of the Eye’ of The “I AM THAT I AM”

You are Connected to The ‘ONE’ who:

Designed the COMPLEX wiring and workings of the human Brain and Heart; Both Tangible(Visible/Physical) and Intangible (Invisible/Spiritual)

‘ALONE’ Knows the Gates of Death; Conquered Death and Possesses the Keys to the Doors of DEEP Darkness.

The ‘ONE’ who is LIGHT, DWELLS in Light Unapproachable and Knows the Way of Light.

The ‘ONE’ who Knows where the Treasures of Snow and Hail are stored.

The Preparer of the Channels of Rain and The Commander of Thunder.

The ‘ONE’ who DESIGNED the Paths of Lightening and SENDS Lightening on Errand and it Obeys.

The ‘ONE’ who BINDS the Chains of Pleiades (The Cluster of Stars); LOOSES the Cords of Orion and LEADS the Zodiac in their Seasons

The ‘ONE’ who Empowers the Eagle with Wisdom to Soar to Unbelievable Heights and ENGRACES it to Approach and Face the Sun without Fear.

The ‘ONE’ who’s Voice Thunders Like many Oceans.

He is the SUPREME RULER of ALL Things.

This is the SAME GOD who DWELLS in YOU; INSTANTLY Answers and Visits You When You Call upon Him.

WOW !!!!

What POWER and CONNECTION You Have at Your Disposal and WITHIN You….

You need no other power or connection.


HE is the CONTROLLER GENERAL of the Universe; HE is ALIVE

“He who doesn’t have POWER is Same with he who has POWER and doesn’t know or doesn’t know how to Use it”

MAY You KNOW This POWER and Make Proper Use of This POWER and CONECTION IJN. AMEN.


“The Catalyst”