Gd Morn,

I am Grateful that I am ADOPTED by the ALMIGHTY God; The Creator of Everything; The Owner of the Silver and Gold; The GRANDMASTER of the UNIVERSE.

What is the Meaning of being ADOPTED By GOD !!!

According to Apostle Paul in Romans 8:

We have RECEIVED the Spirit of ADOPTION by His GRACE; This Affords us the opportunity to call Him Abba Father.

Under Roman Law, you were permitted to disown your natural, blood child whenever you wanted to.

But under the same Roman Law, it was totally impossible to disown an Adopted child.

In Jewish law, the first born child was entitled to the inheritance while the other children were not guaranteed.

But once a child was ADOPTED, whether he’s the oldest or youngest, he MUST of necessity have a part of the inheritance.

We have been ADOPTED as SONS by God through CHRIST.


WE can NEVER be disowned by GOD because of AGAPE.
He is STUCK with us; We are Stuck with Him. WE also have His inheritance.

Father we Enter into ADOPTION Today by GRACE.
We thank you as WE Receive ALL Your blessings and Inheritance.
Nothing can Stop us henceforth from MANIFESTING your Finished Work.
IJN. AMEN. Tomorrow I will Explain the Concept of Abba Father.