Gd Morn,

Lack of POWER Results in fear, lack, pain, worry, anxiety, trouble, disappointment and suffering; At the heart of it ALL is Ignorance, a Suppression of Free will and a Lack of the Ability to take Attendant Action .

There is however a way to Harness and Control the POWER of your Spirit and Mind to bring about what you want.

For example to spiritually or mentally deny evil is not enough; Evil MUST be understood and one MUST rise above it.

To also mentally affirm good, is insufficient; You MUST Engage in doing good with Understanding and Insight.

In the same measure you NEED Personal POWER to Control Yourself (Spirit; Soul; Body).

So are you in Control?
Or are you Being Controlled?

Do You KNOW that There is NOTHING You Cannot do once you Engage Your Spirit and Put your Mind to it.

You Can BE; Whoever you WILL to BE; Have Whatever You Desire to Have; Do that which you Wish to Do.

ONLY Take Back your Personal Power by Believing this Prayer and Receiving SPIRITUAL POWER from on High.

Thank You Father for this Day Brings about Our Re-Engagement and Dominion on Earth; Just the Way it was Ordained from the Beginning of Beginnings.
May POWER from The Source of ALL POWER (THE ALMIGHTY) Hit Us ALL Like a Bolt of Lightening, Re-Energize and Re-Activate us This Week.
We are Continually EmPOWERed For Dominion from on High with God’s SPIRITUAL POWER.


“The Catalyst”