Gd Morn,

For Spirit, Mind and Body POWER:

Commit to a Lifestyle of Learning

Scientists found that the more we learned, the more new neurons survived in the hippocampus.
Brain cells and neurons in the hippocampus, that normally die off, are “saved” by “new learning” experiences.
This is great news for learners!
Keep learning to boost the POWER of Your Mind!

Love, Kindness, Empathy and Forgiveness

When you choose to Forgive those who have hurt you; Be Kind to those who don’t deserve it; Love those who can’t Love you in return; Show Empathy towards those who need it; You EmPOWER Yourself.

“You won’t achieve much in life, if you can only function on days that you feel good or are emotionally stable”

Master your Emotions and Take POWER over your Life.

No matter how POWERFUL an engine is; its Useless without fuel or with bad fuel.

Your Emotions Fuel Your Personal POWER


Having a Personal Relationship and Constantly Worshipping the Creator of ALL things; The Grand Master of the Universe; The ALMIGHTY GOD is Key to Your POWER Dynamics.

Positive Prayer and Words (Affirmations)

The More You Pray Positively; Especially in the Spirit the More you BOOST Your Faith and Hope…It Especially Builds and EmPOWERS Your Spirit man.
The More you Confess Positively the More EmPOWERed you Feel and Get.
You have billions of brain cells, that reach out and form connections, based on your Thoughts and Words.
Your brain also releases various biochemicals into your bloodstream and body; Your Thoughts and Words regulate their type and flow.
ONLY a Type of Prayer and Positive Words Boost your Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental Health

“God has Unreservedly Given you ABSOLUTE Control over the ENTIRE Universe? All creation awaits your next order”!
~Tonye Cole

“You are the Captain of Your SHIP; The driver Towards Your DESTINY and The Master of Your FATE”



“The Catalyst”