Gd morn,

So why do we tend to discredit the Potential POWER Inherent in the human Spirit and Mind.

I’ve heard some people say its, “mind over matter”.

What exactly does that mean?

Did you Know that the Human Thought can Actually Physically influence events.

What we Believe is Possible or Impossible, becomes our reality.

If you tell yourself you aren’t good at something, then it becomes true in your life.


What stories have you been sold or are you selling yourself???

When, Kayla Lee, was a child, she told herself she hated writing and was never good at it; She suffered as a child and was placed into special classes for those who struggled.

She met a teacher later in her youth who forever changed her perception.

One day, as class was finishing up they began talking and the teacher told Kayla he was quite impressed with her creative writing abilities.

At that point, she had no clue she even had such abilities.

What he did that day, challenged her by altering her perception and belief about her own abilities.

Epic Victory: She went from receiving low satisfactory grades in English to receiving outstanding grades; grades so beyond her peers that she was given the opportunity in 9th grade to take English classes at a local college.

Her teacher also instilled the seed, that would later turn into a future career.

The human Spirit and Mind are so POWERFUL that, they can Affect, Infect and Influence ANYTHING in ways that were previously unforeseen or thought impossible.

Our Subconscious is Smarter, more Intelligent and Incredibly POWERFUL Beyond Imagination.

Our Personal POWER Allows us accomplish things our Spirit and Mind knows are possible.

To Activate the FULL Potential of the Human Mind, we MUST tackle the exceptionally bad habits of negative, limiting and disempowering thinking.

At ALL moments we MUST Remain in a STATE of Peace, Tranquillity and POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE for RESOURCEFULNESS.



“The Catalyst”