How to develop PMA (final)

7.     Learn to Forgive, Release and Love. Forgiving, Releasing and letting go of hurt, anger, resentment and judgment? is critical to developing a PMA. Hanging on to negative emotions like anger or resentment will drain your energy and hinder you from self-actualization and maximizing your potential or moving forward in life. Be Kind, Empathic, Compassionate and Loving always even to those that despise you. ?
8.     Have positive, realistic expectations and Always take Action ?Many people are held hostage to other people’s expectations of them, many people therefore live the lives of others. Live your own life. Ensure your expectations are in alignment with who you really are, your beliefs and values. You are what you believe, and you become what you expect.  Expect the very best in life and in all situations, take action in this regard and watch life reward you with exactly what your expectations are.

9.     Stop Focusing on Speculations and What you don’t want, Focus on what you really want. Clearly identify and define what you want. Identify and eliminate every limiting belief, perception and value that do not support your desire or goal. Introduce complementary empowering beliefs, perceptions and values that will make your desires a reality.
10.  Take Charge. You are the Captain of your ship; The Driver towards your Destiny; The Master of your FATE. Nobody has the power to create your life experiences but you. Always focus on what you have control over and Let go of those which you do not have control, hand them to GOD. Let go and Let GOD. Take ownership and responsibility for your own destiny – Free yourself.

Tomorrow we will Begin the Series on ATTITUDES that Guarantee your Success and Blessings.

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