Gd Morn,
How to develop PMA (contd)

4. Always be around positively minded people. Being around positively minded people helps a lot. Show me your friends
and I will tell you who you are, he who walks with the wise shall himself be wise, but the companion of fools, is a fool. Like wise when you hang around only positive minded people sooner than later you will imbibe that same positive attitude. Disassociate with negative people who impede your progress?

5.     Develop a Win-Win mentality. Be selfless; give away what you seek without the expectation of a return. Seek the success, happiness, well-being of others first, When you live this way you in turn experience happiness, love and wellbeing.
6.     Invest in yourself?.  Self Development and Personal Growth is Critical. Once you stop Learning and developing you begin to die. Listen to positive audio CD’s, invest in courses in personal development.  Read books on PMA written by the following Authors Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc.?

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“The Catalyst”