Gd Morn,

Today we continue our series on POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE (PMA)

How do I develop a Positive Mental Attitude?

1.     Know that the power to choose is yours:
Your life is the outcome of your choices. You have what you choose. Focus your attention on what you want rather than what you don’t want because your focus is a string indication of your choice. Your Focus/Choice creates your world.

2.     Watch less T.V and Do more positive things or read positive books. Television today is loaded with a lot of negative information that gradually etch into your mind and heart thereby creating a Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) in you. Instead of watching news, that drama, etc read a positive book, pick up a new hobby, spend some quality time with friends and family, add value to someone else’s life, visit the orphanage etc. Focus on your highest priorities and values.

3.     Develop the Habit of Speaking Positively. Watch your words, for out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Listen to the words you use. Avoid using negative language, phrases and words such as I cant, why me, I’m finished, I’m dead, I have failed, I am a failure, I am sad, I am depressed, eliminate general words like ‘always’, ‘never’.
 Also Use words like ‘I choose to’ , ‘I Will’, ‘I Can’, or ‘I want to’, instead of ‘I need’ or ‘I should’ and notice how these words make you feel.


More tips tomorrow stay tuned and
Share these with Friends and Family.


“The Catalyst”