There are mostly two sides to most things

If you may say there are “Two sides to a coin”

There is:

Black or white
Up or down
Evil or good
Positive or negative
Clean or dirty
Pride or humility

We therefore have the power of choice.

For Example:

Jerry is a restaurant manager. He is ALWAYS in a good mood. He has a Positive ATTTUDE towards Everything and Everyone.

If asked how he is, he would reply I can’t be better thank you for asking.

Everytime jerry Left his job, many colleagues resigned and left with him.

He was the Life of Everywhere he was, Everyone felt Good around him.

Jerry was Always there in Support, If anyone had a bad day or had a personal issue, he always got people to look on the positive side of every situation.

This style and attitude made me curious, so one day I asked Jerry, how can someone be this positive everyday?

How do you do it?

Jerry replied:

Each morning I wake up, I say to myself looking into the mirror;
“Jerry two choices stare you in the face, Positive or Negative Attitude, remember your Attitude Today Will determine your Altitude Today”.

So each time something seemingly bad happens to me, I position to learn from it and I ultimately see the good or positive side of it.

Life is ALL about your choices

You can choose how:

You React to situations
People Affect or Infect your Mood
Bad or Good your day turns out
Your life unfolds each day

Several years later:

I heard Jerry one day left the back door of his restaurant open at night and three armed robbers came in, demanded for all the money, they asked Jerry to open the safe, and in the frenzy, Jerry’s trembling hands activated the panic button and the alarm went off !!
The armed Robbers shot Jerry before they took off.

Luckily Jerry was found quickly and rushed to the hospital after 18 hours of surgery and weeks in intensive care Jerry was discharged with fragments of bullets still in his body

I saw Jerry 6 months after the robbery incident and I asked how he was, still he replied can’t be better, thanks for asking. But this time he added would you like to see my bullet scars ?

Of course I declined but asked jerry what went through his mind when he got shot.

Wow he said first I said to myself, I should have locked the door, then he said, I immediately remembered that I had only two choices,
1) To LIVE
2) To DIE.
I instantly Chose to LIVE.

The Paramedics were great though they kept telling me I’m going to be fine, the expressions on the faces of the doctors in the emergency theatre were very scarry though; I could read in there eyes “This is a Dead man”.

I knew at that Moment, I had to influence them, I had to do something drastic, I had to take my Destiny into my own hands, My Life now Hung in the Balance.

What did you do I asked Jerry?

Once the opportunity came I took it.

The big nurse asked me IF I was allergic to Anything.

I Mustered all my strength as I Answered
YES, the doctors and other nurses paused for a second to Listen, I took a deep breath and I screamed at the top of my voice:

I’m Allergic to bullets take it out NOW. Guys I have Chosen to LIVE I will see you when I wake up.

They all burst out laughing, I passed out and they went to work on me !!!

Jerry is Still Alive today Thanks to His Positive Mental Attitude.

What can we learn from Jerry?

The only thing that is Truly Yours that No one can take away from you is Your Attitude.

If you can Take charge of your Attitude you have Taken Charge of Everything

You always have before you two choicesI

Choose the Positive one Always.

Even God says “This day, I put before you Life and Death” !!!!

Choose Life !!!!



“The Catalyst”