What the HELL was Arsene Wenger thinking by paying a whooping €11m and £100,000 weekly for Peter Cech?

What’s the Rationale behind that move Prof? That is the question many people are asking and maybe you reading this. With a bit of research I was able to glean more insight into Arsene Wenger’s thought process. Peter Cech is the Safest, Most Experienced Hands in the English Premier League.

He is Currently the;
Holder of the all-time clean sheets record with 168 shut-outs in the Premiership League
Most Experienced and Safest Hands in the Premiership League
But could he also be the most Experienced and Safest Hands in ALL leagues? According to Wikipedia, Čech holds the:

i. Premier League record for fewest appearances required to reach 100 clean sheets.

ii. Czech professional league record of not conceding a goal in 903 competitive minutes. Approximately 10 matches.

iii. Club record at his former club Sparta Prague, having gone 928 minutes unbeaten in all competitions in 2001–02, when his unbeaten run in the Czech First League was combined with his performances in the Champions League. During the 2004–05 season, Čech went 1,025 minutes without conceding a goal.


Cech has won the Golden Glove three times; in the 2004–05, 2009–10 and 2013–14 as the Premier League goalkeeper with the most clean sheets. As of 22 April 2014, Čech has kept a club record  with 220 clean sheets for Chelsea in all competitions.

According to John Terry, Peter Cech is worth over 15 points. Imagine adding these 15 points to Arsenal’s points in the last 2 seasons?! Arsenal could have won the league in addition to the FA Cup Wins and who knows maybe the UCL also.
What a Buy Prof. Wenger or can I say what a STEAL?!!!!

Arsène Wenger being Arsenal’s longest-serving and most successful manager(in service for over 17 years);  must know what he is doing as his record shows that he’s a legend. Obviously Wenger understands that with Peter Cech the Premiership’s all time Safest Hands; Arsenal will hopefully concede less goals and score more goals and consequently win more trophies.

What do you think Arsene’s next move will be?
Buy a World Class Striker?
Buy a world class Defensive Midfielder ?
Buy a few more defenders?
Unlike previous seasons, it’s quite impressing and encouraging that Wenger refused to sell Jack Wilshere to Manchester City even for an offer of €40m .

Eagerly waiting for Wenger’s next move. Over to you Professor!

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola