Gd Morn,


Do you know that an Authentic Self Identity, an Excellent Personality and Taking Personal Responsibility are the Most Important Keys Required to Sell Yourself.

Selling Yourself is your Most Critical Success Factor.

Who are You ?
What is your Identity?
What is Your Personality Type?
What is your Personality Style?

Take Charge of Your Life.

Everything you do in Life you do Directly or Indirectly for Yourself.

Your Biggest Job is to Sell Yourself.

People’s Perception about you determines their Valuation of You.

The Higher their Perception about Your Quality the Higher your Value.

Your job however is to Ensure that You Influence your Valuation and Ultimately your Value.

You’re a Sales Man; Your Product is You.

According to Brian Tracy, You’re Constantly Selling Yourself on the Job, to Your spouse, when you go out on a date, to your kids – teaching them Values et all, Seeking for start up Funds from a Potential Investor etc

In a study done some years ago, researchers found that the top 3 percent of people in every field looked upon themselves as Self-Employed people, Selling “ONLY” one product Themselves

Even though you work in an Organization, irrespective of your position, Your Success is dependent on How People See you and How Much of You they are Willing to Buy.

So For your Personal Success; Treat the Organization you Work For as though it belongs to you personally.

See yourself as being in charge of every aspect of your Role and Life.

Especially Project the Right Image and Personality.

The difference between winners and losers is this:

Winners always accept responsibility for their actions.

Losers never do, but instead always have some kind of explanation for why they are doing poorly.

According to research within the workplace:

Losers come in a little later, work a little slower, and leave a little earlier.

They spend most of their working time in idle chitchat more, read the papers, drinking more coffee or tea, spend more time surfing the internet.

Winners however arrive a little earlier, work a little harder, focus on work, constantly develop themselves on the job and stay a little later.

Empathy and Understanding People are Critical to How Attractive and Indispensable you will be to People.

The Most Successful People have Higher Levels of Empathy and Understanding, i.e., they Genuinely care about People.

They are Focused on Helping others with their Ambitions, Desires, Goals and how to Achieve these.

Empathy and Understanding Gives you mind Equity with other People. I.e You’re Always on their minds.

If You’re your No 1 Product, then You MUST Truly Love Yourself and most Definitely other people.

Love has a Sweet Smelling Fragrance and Feeling.

Everyone wants to Savour Sweet Smells and Feel Good; Hence when you Love Yourself and Others you Constantly Diffuse a Sweet Smelling Fragrance and Feeling.

Be Passionate about You.


Be  Impeccably Honest with yourself and with others.

There is no substitute for Integrity.


“The Catalyst”