Gd Morn,

“The water decreased until the 10th month, and the top of the mountain was seen”
~Gen 8:5.

“When the Lord Turned the Captivity of Zion around they were like them that Dreamed and their mouths were filled with Laughter”

In Jesus Name….I Declare that October is your Month of Release.

For He who the Son has set FREE is FREE indeed.

From Today your Struggles Cease.

You are Free.

Every water or Anything covering your Glory, Light, Visibility and Manifestation disappears forever.

The Egyptians you saw yesterday you will see no more.

Your Feet are like hindes feet and you Walk Upon your High places; You Run against a Troop.

The Gates are Open unto you Continually, Never to be Shut day or night.

You have God’s Power, Favour and Grace in ALL things and Effortlessly you Prosper in Everything you Lay your Hands Upon

In Jesus Name.

“The Catalyst”