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What do you Identify with?

It colours your Self Identity.

It NAMES you…

Answer to your NEW NAME and Manifest your NEW CREATION REALITIES

“Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ he is a NEW CREATION (A Kind Never Existed before); the old has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!”
2 Corint 5:17

Do you fall into the trap of identifying with your pain, struggles and challenges (ALL the things you don’t want) instead of identifying with your Goals, Visions, Dreams (ALL the things you want)

Be care what NAME you call yourself based on your identification with your challenges

For example,

Are you dealing with a sickness?

This does not make you a sickler You are a well (Healed) but still fighting off sickness – That good fight of Faith.

Are you struggling with debt?

This does not make you Poor or a Debtor
You’re Rich but fighting off poverty, debt or lack

Have you been struggling with an addiction for years?
Don’t see yourself as an addict.
You are a Free Man fighting off habits.

Likewise have you been struggling with one sin or the other for years?
Don’t see yourself as a sinner.
You are a Righteous Man fighting sinful, desires and habits.

Don’t let those kind of images and NAMES sink in your Subconscious; they Define and Colour your Identity therefore they Disempower you.

Remember, in Christ you are a NEW CREATION. YOU HAVE A NEW NAME. The old is passed away and does so DAILY.

Don’t let it cling to you!


Identify with Christ and embrace the freedom and victory He has for you!

Father, we choose to identify with our NEW CREATION REALITY, NAMEAND IDENTITY IN CHRIST.

May this TRUTH be ENGRAINED in our Hearts and Manifest in our Lives Daily.

I Thank You for making all things NEW and Giving me Life in Abundance.

I therefore Declare that I have it ALL…..for I who the son has set FREE I am FREE IN DEED.



The Catalyst