The Game in Nigeria is about to change. We need to pray. If you can see the signs you will agree( read Obj’s Sahara reporters 18 page letter to Jonathan). My prayer follows. Do not fear. It is well with Nigeria.

Baba God we thank you for Deliberately Causing Confusion in the Nigerian Polity, Politricks and Politics.
Father of Nigeria we usher in your next phase.
We thank you for you Frustrate the tokens of the diviners around me President and his cohorts plus others that are at work in our nation thank you Lord for you now make them mad.
The enchanters are now being used against one another to DESTROY themselves …..
As your children we Look up and Focus on You, we Seek and receive Direction, Strategy and Practical but Relevant Action for the now.
This Confusion comes to its Height In 2014 and during this dispensation the Principality Political Establishments Disempower and Diffuse themselves
We reject a Vacuum.
We Therefore pray and position the 5,000 prophets that have not bowed to Baal that are now being prepared to take over.
We know that this confusion is Oy Father’s Tactical Strategy for replacing our leaders with God’s chosen ……we understand the times…. Some specific people are being used by God to scatter …..we pray Lord that you continue to use them and we compel them to be available to be used as God wills…..we liken Their case to when God used Judas,the Pharisees and Sadducees to bring about the fulfillment of Christ’s Mandate.
We speak to the mountains and altars of wrong prayer in Nigeria we cast them into the sea … We enthrone the altar of thanksgiving to God for using These people for what He wants
To manifest in our Nation.
We understand that The wisdom of God is foolishness to man.
We are now at the tail end of the wilderness as a nation.

We see ourselves SURELY entering CANAAN and taking possession on our land of Freedom; Peace
And Unity where Prosperity and Righteousness reigns.

We see Our nation Nigeria sit amongst the top 10 committee
Of Nations in ALL RAMIFICATIONS within the next 2 decades IN JESUS NAME AMEN