I Speak Positively over my life and my household.
The Love of God Secures a Great Future for us and Comforts us through every situation in life.
God is with me; God is For me; God is in me.
His Mighty Presence is my Shield and Buckler.
I Carry His Power, Strength, Wisdom, Honour, Glory, Riches and Blessing Upon, With and Within me.
I am Worthy Because the Lamb of God is Worthy.
God’s Love Can and Will Never be Separate from Me; We are One.

I am the Apple of God’s Eye.
The Almighty God, Daily Watches over me.
He Rules in my affairs every moment.
I REST in the Knowledge of His Loving Kindness.
I am Happy Always.
I have Divine Protection.
I am in the Company of Innumerable Angels who Stand Guard over me.
They Daily Minister unto me.
I am hidden in the hollow of the hand of the ALMIGHTY.
His LOVE is Made Perfect in me.
I have found PEACE in the shadow of His wings.
I drink from His streams of Joy
I Rejoice Always in Him.
My God is my King.
He is my Lord; my shepherd; my Source and my Father
I have an Eternal Heritage and Inheritance in Him.
I am Kept and Jealously Guarded.
My Life is Precious and Hid in Him.
He gives men up for my soul.
I am the Light of the World
I am a city set on a hill
My Glory can Never be displaced or hid.
I am the Salt of the Earth.
I Constantly Live Purposefully
I Season and Positively Transform Lives.
My soul is Preserved
I Prosper, Progress and walk in Divine Health.
My body is the Temple of God.
I have Divine Understanding, Insight and Knowledge.
I am a Custodian of His Divine Presence.
I Have Presence and Stature.
My mind is Fruitful.
I have the mind of Christ.
I Operate in the Class of Divinity.
I See as God Sees.
I Hear and Heed ONLY God’s Voice
I Follow God’s Instructions and Direction
My Heart is in Sync with the Heart of God.
I Love as God Loves; What God Loves.
I Hate as God Hates; What God Hates.
My Hand Prospers Everything it Touches.
I Walk upon my High places
I am Constantly Above only.
My path Shines Brighter and Brighter I Daily advance towards the Perfect Day.
I am a Child of Promise.
I am Created in God’s Image and Likeness
I am Seated With Christ at the Right Hand of God, in the Heavenly Places.
I am Far Above ALL principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, spiritual host of wickedness in high places.
I am a Spirit Being, with a Soul, living in an earthly body.
I Have Dominion as Mandated in the Days of Creation.
I Daily Live and Operate as an Ambassador from Heaven.
I have Overcome the World and the ruler of this world.
I am Powerful beyond human measure.
I Attract Success.
I have Good Success.
I am Significant.
I am the Blessed of God.
Everything I call Blessed is Blessed.
I am in touch with my Divinity.
I am Living My Divine Life Everyday.
The kingdom of God is Upon and Within me.
In Jesus name.

“The Catalyst”