My Cape Coast Experience

I had one of the most interesting experiences last weekend in Ghana as I went to Cape Coast with my very good friend Michelle Hammond and her team to round up the content we were creating.

I visited Assin Manso (The Last Bath) and Elmina Castle (The 2 largest and most notorious slave trade centers in the world).

Watch a video of my experience here.

Elmina Castle, Ghana
Elmina Castle – What a Fortress

The imposing Castles in Cape Coast, at the height of the transatlantic trade, received slaves from locations as far away as Niger, Badagry, Burkina Faso, etc.

This visit EVOKED mixed emotions of;
JOY because I’m FREE
GRATITUDE because I am alive and living my life on my own terms
ANGER and RAGE because of the cruelty and wickedness towards our ancestors
HELPLESSNESS because nobody could do anything about it way back then and I felt the same
PAIN, HATRED and RESENTMENT (3 emotions I hardly feel) because of what’s still being done to black people globally

Haven’t we just suffered enough?

I seemed to ask myself as we walked through the dungeons and paths walked by my forefathers.

From the greedy deeds of the Portuguese, to the gory acts perpetrated by the Dutch and the final blow dealt by the British (Some under the guise of Christianity).


The Catalyst - Lanre Olusola

So, as I experienced this cocktail of emotions I asked myself the following questions

Lord WHY?

As I sought to see the BIGGER PURPOSE in all our pain as a people .


After I go through all this experience and other people do also, then WHAT?

WHAT can and am I going to do about all this history and deeply spiritual and emotional experience?

I guess all I can do for now is to RECOMMIT and CONTINUE to Transform the Lives and Minds of AFRICANS Globally as I have been called to do.

ONLY God understands these kinds of things AFTER-ALL we started slavery in Egypt (Africa), in Biblical days, when we held the Jews captives for 430 years and still went after them until Pharaoh and his army were vanquished in the Red Sea.

IF you haven’t visited Ghana and these slave trade locations yet, I strongly recommend that you do (Call +233260992412).

It will help you clarify the following;

The Last Bath

WHO you are (Your IDENTITY); WHERE you’re from (Your ROOTS) and perhaps it will give you a sense of PURPOSE beyond just waking up everyday seeking to meet your own needs and satisfy your wants.

Father, concerning us your black children – Let your perfect will be done, as I can see your hand on this our entire journey.

I know that it will deliver your Expected End of Pleasure, Peace, Joy and Glory to us eventually.

In the name of Christ


Thank you Michelle Hammond and Tega Bwaah

The Catalyst