Gd Morn,

LOVE is therefore more of a ‘Decision’…Than it is a ‘Feeling’.

‘God Determines who Walks into Your Life and When; You Determine Who Walks out and/or Remains; But You Ultimately Determine Your respective Experiences’

IF God is Love and we are Created in
His Image and after his Likeness.

Then We Need to go Back to Basics in Godliness…

What Image and Likeness of God do We Have, See and Experience Daily ?

What Image and Likeness of Ourselves do We Share with People Daily ?

For you; Is TRUE LOVE More of a Perpetual Question, a Feeling you Chase or a Quest for Godliness ?

GOD is LOVE…..

To Daily Manifest The LOVE of GOD My Prayer for You Follows.


GOD be in Your head and in Your Understanding

GOD be in Your eyes and in Your Looking

GOD be in Your mouth and in Your Speaking

GOD be on Your lips and in Your Smiling

God be in Your nose and in Your Perceiving

God be in Your ears and in my Listening

God be in Your Head and in Your Thinking

God be in Your shoulders and in Your Bearing

God be on Your back and in Your Supporting

God be in Your bones and in Your Strengthening

God be in Your arms and in Your Lifting

God be in Your hands and in Your Giving

God be in Your legs and in Your Visiting

God be in Your guts and in You Feeling

God be in Your bowels and in Your Forgiving

God be in Your skin and in Your Sensing

God be in Your lungs and in Your Breathing

God be in Your blood and in Your Living

God be in Your heart and in Your Loving

God be in You and Live Through You

Just as God is Love so Be Love.

In Jesus Name.


Happy LOVE Day.


“The Catalyst”