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I met a family when I was about 6- 7 yrs of age, some of their children and I were in the same age bracket. All through the years that I knew them, I had never seen their parents talk to each other, have a civil conversation neither had I ever seen them laugh together. 

Their relationship was more like colleagues that never talk in an office. Their parents never slept in the same room etc. When they tried to mend the relationship, the wife found out that the husband had a parallel family with 2 children that he visited everyday. So in total, the man had 8 children.

This revelation further worsened their relationship. After 20 years, the husband just packed out of the house without  telling anybody. The family only found out when they checked his room.

The reason why their parents stayed together was because of the children but unknown to them, these issues they had between them affected their children’s emotional lives and destroyed their children who started performing badly in school, dropped out of school, became promiscuous and one even became a drug addict. None of their children have had happy and successful relationships.

What are you doing to your children? How have you contributed to where they are today? How can one address these issues and be certain of a partner’s commitment before saying “I do”?


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