A Lady dating a guy and they both agreed to stay off sex till when they get married because they are Christians and sex outside marriage is a sin.  After much pressure and demand from the lady’s mother to ascertain the sexual capability of the man her daughter was going to be married to, the lady gave in and decided to actually find out.

After pressuring the guy, the lady found out the man’s major problems was that he had a very tiny penis and reached orgasm in seconds, so he couldn’t satisfy her sexually, and that was his actual issue with sex before marriage.

After several checkups and medications both western and traditional to try to help the guy enlarge his penis and delay orgasm the lady had to call off the relationship knowing fully well if she entered into marriage with the man she will have extra marital affairs because the man will never satisfy her..

This brings up the discussion about whether you should test your sexual performance level before getting married.  If not, what is the solution not to fall into this kind of trap from impotent men or spouses that that can’t perform?

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What should couples dating do in this regard? What are your thoughts? Please share with us. Please share some of your own stories with me by mail to coach@thecatalystng.com



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