Owing to things happening in various relationships and consequently our society today, I have gotten several calls and messages just to say how timely the Mind The Gap X Wisdom Nugget series and the Mind The Gap X program are. One can only hope that lives are touched, questions are answered and marriages are healed from these messages.

Today, I want us to talk about being able to live beyond your past experiences. Yes, you had a bad time, you made some bad decisions but guess what, that is why it is called THE PAST… It has passed. The fact that your past experiences in your relationship and marriage are negative does not mean that there is no hope. Now it is not so easy to “snap out of it”, but you have to move on or risk staying the same way you have always been. 

Don’t allow your past mistakes, failures and experiences get in the way of your future and great destiny. The failures of your past relationship or marriage do not define you.

Let us learn some more lessons from some players of the recently crowned champions of the English Premier League, Leicester city. (This piece was inspired by a friend on BBM, Olu)

Danny Simpson and Drinkwater, were let go by Manchester United as youngsters.  Christian Fuchs and Marc Albrighton arrived as free agents, having been released by Schalke 04 and Aston Villa respectively.
Huth was a promising young player for Jurgen Klinsmann’s Germany and Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea many years ago before falling off the train and ending up in the lower leagues. Goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel was told he had no future at Manchester City and dropped all the way down to fourth-tier Notts County to get a game.
Captain Wes Morgan didn’t play in England’s top flight until he was 30. Jamie Vardy, the club’s top goalscorer, was playing semi-professionally until 4 years ago. A few years before that, he was playing amateur football while wearing an ankle monitor, a condition from his probation after being found guilty of assault outside a pub.
Riyad Mahrez was overlooked by every youth academy in France until he was 18. Kante was a guy playing in front of a few thousand fans in the French second division only recently.

Now Future Past
Where are you coming from?
What is your background?

What is in your past?
Don’t let anything get in your way…. There’s HOPE!!

It’s not too late or too bad for you to live your dreams and create the family, relationship and marriage you desire. The Leicester team had Focus; Faith & Fire… get same! If they had given up on themselves, their team mates and their team relationships, they would never have experienced this EPL victory.

How are you letting go of your past and forging ahead? Send me your stories and the decisions you have made to own your life and live in the present. Set goals and work towards achieving them. Send me an email at coach@thecatalystng.com



The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola