It has been a great time sharing these stories and reading your views on issues  happening in our society today. Please remember that the aim of Mind The Gap X Series is to build us as individuals, our relationships, marriages, home and consequently, the society.  Here are more stories on sexuality and sex.

A woman found out that her husband was gay after 8 years of marriage; they have 2 children. Some years into the marriage, the husband started to bring a male friend to the house and they were always behind closed doors constantly. She started to ask questions; her children asked questions as well but they never got answers. After a while, she caught her husband and his supposed friend in the act. Now, she is caught between making a decision of leaving or patching the marriage.

Another woman met a pastor and for the 2 years they dated, they didn’t even kiss talk less of having Sex. They got married and for days the woman noticed that her husband never made advances at her for Sex. After a few weeks the lady started demanding for sex but the man would give one excuse or the other until months after they had a major blow out and he told her he was gay.
The prevalence of homosexuality and bi-sexuality in our society today are major realities that we can no longer deny. This is another reason single couples are asking why they can’t have sex before marriage. If you found yourself in either of these situations what would you do?

If you were a marriage counselor what will you advice your client to do? Can these relationships be restored and these sexual preferences changed? How can one address this kind of issue and be certain of a partner’s sexuality before saying “I do”?

As always, I look forward to reading from you. What are your thoughts?

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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola