Here is another traumatic story from our Mind the GAP X Series. The story of Akolade Arowolo is one of the well-known stories in Nigeria.  He was a former Youth Pastor who killed his wife in 2011, and is now serving a death sentence in Prison in Nigeria.

His wife had complained regularly to everyone that she was being abused daily, said she wanted to leave but her parents and counselors kept telling her to go back because what would people say and God hated divorce.

Although her parents complained to his parents and who cared to hear countless times that their daughter was being physically abused by her husband on several occasions, they didn’t report it to the Authorities. Even though towards the end, her parents were witnesses to his aggressive nature and aware of their daughters suffering, no one did anything about it. And it resulted in their daughter’s death.

Some statements he made were in regards to the fact that his wife got pregnant when they were dating and that was why he was pressured into marrying her. According to her autopsy, she was stabbed to death 76 times. And he made claims that he was not responsible for it and that she accidentally fell on a knife while arguing with him. violence

REALLY????? What do you think God prefers? Murder/death or divorce in this case?  What does her parents prefer, her death or her divorce? What can the counselors say now about sending her back to her death? What do we have to say about sex before marriage because that’s why she was alleged to have gotten pregnant…  (seeing as she got pregnant all by herself). Does marriage change people or are there signs before marriage that someone will be abusive?


What is the right thing to do? Stay in that abusive marriage or not? What is the role of the police and the law? Who protects domestic violence victims? If you need protection from domestic violence don’t wait to be killed, call our domestic violence expert Mrs St Matthew-Daniel now on +234 803 395 1460


I want to hear from you on this matter . If you could speak with the victim before her demise what would you tell her? I’m looking forward to the discussions from you in the comments. Please share some of your own stories with me by mail to and together, let us bring light to these issues.