Gd Morn,

“Habit and Routine have an Unbelievable Power to Create, Waste and Destroy”.
~ Henri de Lucas

I Believe that:

The Ability to Focus and Give Attention to what is Important is a Critical Component of Self Mastery.

FOCUS is Where you place your Attention.

FOCUS Attracts; ATTENTION Creates.

Many however Focus on their challenges and Give Attention to their miseries and their don’t Wants……. Guess what they Attract, Create or Experience ???

Instead FOCUS on and Give ATTENTION to what you LOVE and DESIRE.

What you constantly Say Reveals your Area(s) of FOCUS and ATTENTION.

Always Be Grateful and Positive; STOP murmuring and complaining.

Your EMOTIONS Respond to your ATTENTION; Your Energy Flows where your Attention Goes

Master your Energy Flow; Master your State; Master your Life.


“The Catalyst”