Gd morn,
I have discovered that ANGER is a Key Motivation and a Root of Justification for actions most people take.
Are you able to still function Effectively when angry?
Are you able to solve problems when angry?
Do you make rational and Intelligent decisions when angry?
“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control”
~ Prov 29: 11
The danger with anger is that it often Graduates; From slight irritation, to anger, to rage, to resentment, to unforgiveness.
Many people have shipwrecked their lives, health and wellbeing continually feeding this thing call ‘ANGER’.
Can a man carry Fire in His Bosom and not get Burnt ?
This fire called ‘ANGER’ often Consumes the Carrier.
Many Some people due to extended anger, have developed serious health issues; Ranging from migraines, dizzy spells, chronic pains, joint pain, cancer, ulcers, panic attacks, insomnia, palpitations, high blood pressure, to heart attacks.
Many relationships are being destroyed today, simply because of extended anger.
Anger often Hijacks you. After a while its not about what made you angry it move into other things.
The more we fill our thoughts and hearts with the event the more it infuriates us.
Let Go Today; Its yourself you are releasing not your offender.
Often times if you Really get to the heart of what made you angry and what’s keeping you angry; its YOU..YOU are at the Centre.
YOU are really angrier at yourself more often than the event or person.
Why continue ?
Ask Yourself:
Why am I REALLY angry?
Who am I REALLY angry with?
What am I REALLY angry about?
Is this anger Residual or Fresh?
What Triggers my anger?
Besides anger how else do I REALLY Feel?
“85% of Your Success in Life is Dependent on how Emotionally Stable you are”
“If You Can Master Your Emotions You are on your Way to Mastering Your Life”
For your Peace I Assure you; It’s a Journey Worth Embarking on.
I am Emotionally Stable and Wise.

I am Free;

I Function Effectively;

I Solve Problems;

I Make Rational and Intelligent Decisions Even when I am angry

The Sun does not go down on my anger

I am in control of my Thoughts

I am in control of my Beliefs

I am in control of my Emotions

They are Positive, Empowering and Uplifting

I have Empathy

I am Compassionate and Kind

I Live in Perfect Love and Peace.

I Love Myself and Others

I Accept Myself and Others

I am the Master of my Life




"The Catalyst"