The greatest areas of struggle in making impossibilities POSSIBLE are  in the domain of the Spirit and Mind. Why? Because man is ignorant about the dynamics of these dimensions

Ignorance is at 4 levels 
1) Those that don’t know, but know they don’t know

2) Those that don’t know that they don’t know

3) Those that think that they know but they don’t know

4) Those that know but don’t know how to apply their knowledge

According to John 5:1-15(Please read this)

The man by the pool of Bethesda had waited for 38 years for a simple miracle that should have taken only seconds BUT instead of personally taking responsibility and working towards getting into the water for his miracle, he decided to depend on and wait for a non-existent man to help him get into the water.

This is typical of many of us. Many people experience impossibilities because they:

1) Have changed their original Goal and Objective
2) They depend on others to bring their goal to fruition
3) They don’t actually believe that they are worthy of the dreams they’re pursuing
4) They have lost focus
5) They have given up hope
6) They are ignorant about the laws of creating their own miracles

To make ALL things POSSIBLE for you:

1) Stay focused on your clearly stated and written original goal and objective
2) Take personal responsibility for actualizing your goal – set only goals that are within your power to actualize (it’s the only sure way)
3) Believe that you are worthy of the dreams you’re pursuing
4) See, believe, feel and say that it’s done
5) Receive, expect and await it’s manifestation

Everything is POSSIBLE if ONLY you BELIEVE and take ACTION


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola