One of the most important  habits for success, resiliency and relevance in life, career management and business growth is regular attention to building relationships. Mentors, Role models, Feedback providers, Peers and Coaches can help us connect, gain support, develop and excel in our careers.

I have said it time and time again that no man is an island, building and sustaining relationships will be important throughout your lifetime and the good thing is, you can benefit from it. You know that saying, “what you are looking for in Sokoto is in your shokoto”… in essence, often times we put our eyes far off and forget the people around us who can be inspirational and pivotal in our successes.

There are solutions all around you but most times, you just don’t know it because you are not open and sensitive enough. There are numerous ways to build and benefit from relationships, I sit down with Mr Leverage himself, Enahoro Okhae to discuss and give tips on the best ways to leverage on people : The kinds of people you need to know, the kinds of people you should have around you  and how to make the best of your relationships.

This episode of BE ALL YOU CAN BE WITH THE CATALYST  (Click on the title) is so excellent, even my editors found it difficult to edit because everything was too good to cut out. I want to hear from you , suggestions and comments.

The Catalyst,

Lanre Olusola.