I learn a lot from watching series and movies and so when I heard about “When They See Us”, I quickly threw myself into it and wow, nothing prepared me for the depth of emotions that hit me every step of the way as I watched the true-life story.

As I watched the series again I saw how the IDENTITY, DIGNITY, HONOR and RIGHTS of these 5 black boys was stolen from them and at the same time given away by them and their parents.

I believe the authorities (mostly whites), the parents and to some extent, the boys, ALL need to be blamed for their fortunes. As Africans, we need to begin to stand up for who we are and what we believe. We need to demand and take back our IDENTITY, DIGNITY, HONOR, RESPECT and RIGHTS as equals to every other race and people.

We cannot continue to allow our ESSENCE to be eroded by giving away our POWER to BE who we were created to BE. The Clarion Call today is for every African to take back her IDENTITY, DIGNITY, HONOR, RESPECT, RIGHTS and POWER.

Did you know that, EGYPT (YES – AFRICANS) once RULED the world? The bible was and is very EXPLICIT!

“The Bible is better than Pinterest” – Kanye West

I believe that the Bible is the best history book of all time. It tells us that the Jews (God’s chosen people) were our (Africans) slaves for over 400 years. God ordained it so. Can this be TRUE? Watch the video and read the scriptures below:

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  1. Genesis 15:13 – Then the Lord said to Abram, your descendants will be strangers in a foreign land, where they will be oppressed as slaves for 400 years
  2. Exodus 1:8;11 – Now there arose a new king over Egypt who did not know joseph. So the Egyptians (Africans) made the Israelites (Jews) their slaves

For what purpose were they slaves? What did the Jews do with this slavery experience?

The Jews have since turned their fortunes around, moved on and are now approx. 15 million (0.2% of the world’s population) but they own 11.6% of the world’s wealth according to Forbes

We black people (Africans) though we were also once slaves we don’t have to remain slaves. Let us also move on and begin to work towards ruling the world like the jews who came to learn most of what they know today by doing internship for 430 years under us, Africans

Wake up Africa!

It is our TIME!

The Catalyst

Video Credit: Lawrence Hajioff, feature image (c) Netflix

#beTRANSFORMED #Identity #ForAfricaByAfricans

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