Gd Evening,

For Being Like Jesus means:

Loving Like Him.
Living Like Him.
Bringing Peace and harmony to the World


I Love; Hence I Let Go and I am Giving.
I Free ALL; Hence I am Free.
I Give Life; Hence I Live Life Fully.
I am Full of Love; Hence ALL Fear is Cast Away.
In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Father we Accept and Embrace your LOVE through GRACE Today.
Father we LOVE you by Your GRACE with ALL our heart, mind, strength and we LOVE ourselves and our neighbours with your LOVE.
Father we ABIDE in your LOVE; We also ABIDE in you and you in us, as we obey your Commandment to LIVE to LOVE and to LOVE to LIVE by your GRACE
We invite LOVE into our Relationships, Marriages and Lives today.
May LOVE Conquer ALL Offence, Strife, Adversity, Pain, Suffering and Hurt.
Father Let Your LOVE Daily Reign in our world and in the world through each and everyone of us.


“The Catalyst”