Now that we have learnt 1 or 2 things from the eagle about life, let us move quickly to the ANT . It is bad enough to take lessons from humans but to humble ourselves to learn from nature is another lesson in humility. ANTS teach us many things about life hence from this week, we will learn what I have titled The 7 Principles of CONSISTENT SUCCESS from the ANT

Principle No 1: Ants are Daily Driven by Vision and Purpose.

Ants always have long, medium and short term Visions, Goals and Objectives – They are very purposeful creatures.  Purpose is what shapes everything each ant does. They are like orderly soldiers who have specific roles and responsibilities, yet they can’t talk.

For example, one ant’s sole job may be to find food for the entire colony all year. Once he takes on this purpose, all that he commits all his time and energy doing is to successfully gather food for the colony all year round.

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The ant will never get distracted by other activities as it commits its life and time to this role and assignment. Many of us today are distracted by many things, top of the distraction list are: TV, entertainment, mobile phones and social media.

Social media is important but unless you earn a revenue and livelihood from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mobile, TV etc, immediately eliminate these distractions by reducing the time you spend on them, especially when it is not adding any real value to your life or knowledge base.

Here is an exercise I have for you: consciously calculate how much time each day you spend/waste on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV and your phone chatting, reading and replying messages in a day. Worst case, allocate strategic times in a day to these things and focus on your main purpose, role and responsibility for each day.

Lesson No 1 From The Ant: 

Time is all you have to exchange for anything valuable – It is your most prized asset, don’t waste it.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola