Today, we continue with our series on Life Lessons from Nature – 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion

Principle No 4 : The Lion has a Succession Plan for its Kingdom

This is another great quality I learnt as I watched several documentaries on the Lion. As a leader, do you have a succession plan and an exit date or do you want to remain in that position forever? Have you identified your successors and are you grooming them to seamlessly take over when you’re ready to exit?

The lion’s cubs are taught all the qualities of a lion from childhood. Starting from how to relate with females and other males in the kingdom. The most thrilling part is how it is left alone to live when approaching adulthood under the guidance of an adult but without it being aware.

Lion and Its successor LOLeadership Lesson No 4 from the Lion: 

As a good Leader you must determine your objectives and pencil your exit date by when you must have achieved your goal knowing when you will hand over from that position and to who, is the only way you can consistently put in your best and Leave a legacy behind and have someone else build on your legacy.

So have a succession plan for leadership – coach, mentor and train younger ones and subordinates and put them to real life tests under your supervision.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola