CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LEICESTER TEAM FOR WINNING THE EPL!! Did you know that at the start of the season, Leicester were 5,000-1 with bookmakers to win the league? In fact, Bookies thought Kim Kardashian becoming US president was more likely than Leicester City winning the English Premier League but on the 2nd of May 2016, the “oddest” happened and the least likely were crowned kings of the EPL!
This brings to mind the popular saying, “never count anyone out”! I have written 33 lessons we can all learn from the Leicester team.

1. The started all over again with new owners
2. They hired a new coach
3. They prayed for Grace
4. They had a Vision, Mission, Purpose
5. They had Contagious Passion
6. They knew their strengths and weaknesses
7. They had their own bespoke strategy and plan
8. They consistently stuck to their strengths, strategy and plan
9. They believed in themselves, their Vision and Mission
10. They were Fearless, Courageous, Bold and willing to Fail
11. They had NOTHING to lose
12. They thought, felt and spoke positively always
13. They played as one team and had team spirit
14. Members of the team had healthy self worth, esteem, and confidence
15. Members of the team played his OWN part 100%
16. They had consistent support from without – their fans believed in them and supported them all the way
17. They were also self driven & motivated
18. They stayed focused
19. They were decisive with each game

leicester city a
20. They started again with every game
21. They Took initiative and action at each game
22. They took personal responsibility and their destinies in their own hands
23. Thy didn’t depend on other teams for a Favour; They also didn’t allow external Interference
24. They stayed humble, selfless and stayed human
25. They developed more knowledge and insight about the game and adapted it to suit themselves
26. They were dedicated and committed all the way to the end
27. They were tough, dogged, rugged and tenacious
28. They never gave up in the face of adversity
29. They developed and maintained the right relationships and energy within
30. They had fun and enjoyed every game
31. They consistently rewarded themselves after every game won with pizza
32. They had a grateful and thankful attitude
33. They had contentment and peace

Apply all these lessons to your life, career, team, business, relationship, family and marriage and you will consistently achieve extraordinary results


N.B: If only Arsenal and Arsene Wenger would see these tips and apply them…


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola